Nyamirama TVET School

Equip’s first project as an INGO was working in cooperation with the District of Bugesera to take on a second school, which opened as Nyamirama TVET School in January 2019. We recognize the need there is to provide high quality TVET schools and our partnership for this school is with Église Presbyteriénne au Rwanda at Nyamirama TVET School in the Shyara sector of the district.

Equip funds all the staff and teachers of the school as well as providing the learning resources, administration and maintenance costs. Refurbishment works have been carried out to improve the learning environment. This has included: upgraded classrooms and toilets, construction of a hangari (outside undercover workshop), installation of a water tank and the provision of a girls’ room.

Equip also monitors the quality of the schools giving educational consultancy and leadership and management support as required.

In 2018 Equip was offered the use of a second vocational school. The school was little more than a group of four small, unfinished classrooms, on the site of an EPR church in the District of Bugesera. Equip’s immediate task was to bring the rooms up to an acceptable standard and to install the appropriate equipment to be able, initially, to deliver four classes of Construction, Welding, Hair & Beauty and Tailoring. Despite demand for these school places being high, lack of church funds to provide materials and to pay staff meant that previously, the school had only been able to operate occasionally, often for just a term, before having to close. Equip’s commitment to the project has secured its longer-term future and introduced additional classes. Nyamirama VTC opened in January 2019.

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Classrooms For Learning

Students attend both theory and practical lessons. Teachers ensure that students have all the necessary knowledge and skills and they are tested regularly to ensure this. Equip provides all the learning resources for this purpose.

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Once the course is complete, students attend a formal graduation ceremony. They are presented with their certificates by a range of different local officials which shows how highly these qualifications are regarded by the community. Students can then enjoy a prosperous future either in employment or by forming their own businesses.

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Vocational Curriculum

Students choose a particular skill to study from Welding, Tailoring, Masonry and Hair Dressing. Here, students are welding a window frame. Products made during their learning can be used in the local community.

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Pastoral Care

Equip also helps with the everyday needs of the students. Here, girls are receiving some personal hygiene products which ensures that they don’t miss any valuable learning time because of the need to stay at home.

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Registered Charity No: 1134890