The Joy Of A Child

The Joy of a Child is small aid project financially assisted by Equip which helps orphans, street children and children from poor families. As well as renting houses to provide some children with a home, providing food, bedding, clothing and school equipment to those who have none, the project meets with the children regularly in an outlying suburb of Kigali so they can receive a hot meal, take part in games and singing and hear stories from the Bible and learn about Jesus.

The project is led voluntarily by Agnes Kayitesi, a pastor’s wife, busy mum, and full-time government employee and her team of helpers. Her vision is to assist as many children who need help as possible and currently between 30 – 40 children are receiving some form of aid although the need is much, much greater.

Many of the children have had trauma of some kind in their lives such as being or having parents who are HIV positive or living in extreme poverty. For example, little ‘M’ attends the project with his grandmother. When he was a young baby his mother was murdered by her husband, ‘M’s father. M was left for dead with her and spent the night next to her lifeless body until they were found the next day.

M’s grandmother has mental health issues and is now struggling to bring up her grandson on her own with no regular income. It is children like ‘M’ that The Joy of a Child and Equip seek to help, not just by providing food and supplies but by giving them the hope of the Christian gospel.

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Caring for Families

Children of all ages are helped by The Joy of a Child. Agnes, (second left, middle row) who leads the project, is committed to helping as many young people as the limited resources will allow.

Her team of helpers give their time voluntarily and spend many hours visiting children and their families at home, as well as welcoming them to the fun and lively sessions which take place on a Saturday.

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Equipping Children for School

Many children cannot afford the basics required to be able to attend school. The Joy of a Child, supported by Equip, provides school equipment and uniforms. Pictured here, children are receiving new school shoes as a Christmas present.

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Feeding the Hungry

Local volunteers prepare hot meals for the children each time they meet. Doughnuts, sweetcorn and porridge are firm favourites. Equip provides funding to support these meals.

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Sharing the Gospel

The work of The Joy of a Child is rooted in the local church and when the children gather, they spend time playing games, singing and hearing Bible stories. They are encouraged to pray and seek God in their daily lives.

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Registered Charity No: 1134890





Registered Charity No: 1134890